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Analyzing the painting “B008”

in the context of the title “dimensionless” is an attempt to experiment in space.

In a space that is not limited by specific dimensions, and geometry

can be understood as an attempt

to give form to what is abstract

and elusive.


Where, using limited means of expression – color and geometric form – a space

for individual interpretation and aesthetic experience is created. Pastel colors give a sense of peace, and the distinctive intensive line builds depth,

three -dimensional. This is a geometric answer, or rather an abstract, minimalist continuation of the “Limits” series.

Series Dimensionless - geometric compositions
Year completed 2024
Autor Magdalena Nowatkowska
Technique Acrylic on cotton canvas

104 x 84 x 4 cm / 40.9 x 33.1 x 1.6 (framed)

100 x 80 x 2 cm / 39.4 x 31.5 x 0.8 (without frame)

Inventory B008
Availability available
Magdalena Nowatkowska - B008 - Bezwymiar
Magdalena Nowatkowska - B008 - Bezwymiar

The vertical line, divided into different color segments, can be interpreted

as the symbolic backbone

of the composition – an element organizing

the space and giving it structure. Planes, although abstract, can resemble

a landscape. Where horizontal divisions suggest ground levels, and white elements in the foreground as architectural details or abstract figures.


Minimalism here is not just a reduction

of forms, but a thoughtful study

of the essence of representation

and the potential of limiting oneself

to basic visual elements.

The “Dimensionless” series indicates

the artist's search for universal values

​​in art, such as harmony, balance

and essentiality of form.

Magdalena Nowatkowska - B008 - Bezwymiar