Harmony of Chaos

The painting “Harmony of Chaos” prompts reflection on the role

and essence of boundaries in our lives and the world. It depicts a series

of vertical lines intersecting, overlapping, with clearly defined contours separate from the background. The outlines

of simplified shapes create

an impression of both separation

and connection. Lines in different colors surrounding distinct shapes may symbolize diversity – the diversity

of situations, emotions, communities…


The dynamics and flow of shapes

in the painting remind us of the continuous variability of boundaries. From the apparent chaos of these shapes emerges a kind of order.

The arrangements, sets, and mutual interactions speak to the complexity

of human relationships and geopolitical divisions, as well as to the personal experience of crossing boundaries

and discovering new spaces.

Interpreting this painting in the context

of responses to war and chaos,

it can be seen as a metaphor for seeking balance between peace and conflict,

and the constant attempt to understand and redefine boundaries. It is an attempt to find some kind of order in this chaos. Each line and color can be perceived

as a separate narrative. Together, they create a coherent, albeit complicated, story about the human condition.

Series Limits
Year Completed 2024
Autor Magdalena Nowatkowska
Techniques Acrylic on cotton canvas

94 x 124 x 4.3 cm / 37 x 48.8 x 1.7 (w ramie)

90 x 120 x 2.3 cm / 35.4 x 47.2 x 0.9 (bez ramy)

Inventory G098
Availability available