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The “Limits” series. In it, I analyze

and examine the sense

and lack of sense of their existence.

It is a response to surrounding phenomena. It began to be created precisely around the time of disturbing reports about the war. It is an image

of complementation, separation, interpenetration and blurring of certain spaces between the world of peace

and the world of total chaos.


About emotions. About overcoming obstacles.

About opportunities and their lack.

About what is possible,

what is necessary, what is appropriate. About strength.

About power and powerlessness.

About closeness. About relationships. About helplessness.

About boundaries. About the sense

and senselessness of their existence.

The human figure is reduced here

to simple figurative forms, to the most simplified signs,

with the eye marked as the dominant, visibly exaggerated element.


The series is an attempt to delve into fundamental questions

about the existence, meaning

and complexity of human experience, human resilience and the ability

to overcome obstacles, complexity

and contradictions, what defines

us as individuals and as a society.

It serves as a moving reminder

that the human spirit is limitless

in its potential and resilience, often pushing boundaries.

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