The analysis of a work of art requires consideration of both its formal elements and the context in which it was created. “Tetris” by Magdalena Nowatkowska from the “Limits” series presents an abstract composition that at first glance resembles shapes from the popular game of the same name.

The shapes are ordered and isolated. Thematic boundaries have been imposed on them – both physical

and psychological. Clear, geometric forms on a dark background create order in the undefined space.

The composition appears to be planned, there is a sense of balance,

yet there is a certain dynamism caused by the asymmetry of individual elements. And their diversity emphasizes diversity within unity, the individuality of the unit within, for example, a group.

“Tetris” can be interpreted as a metaphor for human life and attempts to fit into imposed norms, social regulations,

or personal expectations.

Each of the elements may symbolize different aspects of personality or life roles that must harmonize

with others to maintain harmony.

Or quite the opposite…
In the context of the “Limits” series,

the painting “Tetris” can be considered as part of a larger narrative concerning limitations – those imposed by ourselves, as well as those imposed on us. The artist may explore how people react to their existence, the consequences of crossing them, and overall compliance.

“Tetris” by Magdalena Nowatkowska

is a work that stimulates reflection

on the human experience

and its limitations. Using

the visual language of abstract geometry to convey her message,

the artist says: “Everything will fall into place.”

Series Limits
Year completed 2024
Autor Magdalena Nowatkowska
Technique Acrylic on cotton canvas

54 x 54 x 4 cm / 21.3 x 21.3 x 1.6 (framed)

50 x 50 x 2 cm / 19.7 x 19.7 x 0.9 (without frame)

Inventory G093
Availability available