Infinity I

“Infinity I” is a work of a subtle, ethereal nature. It is dominated by soft, almost imperceptible color transitions that create an impression of limitless space or a misty landscape. Two dark points symbolize distant objects, human entities. Eyes, in the vast space, introduce an element of mystery and focus.


The painting comments on the human striving and impotence to understand infinity and our insignificance in the face of the vastness of the universe. It enhances the sense of openness and unlimited space. It may also speak of spaces that exist beyond our reach, about the scale of human existence.


“Infinity I” can be interpreted as an invitation to contemplation and reflection on one's place in the world, what is beyond our perception, and how we are just a small part of a larger whole. The isolated points in the painting may remind us that in every vast space, there are anchor points – perhaps moments or people that give our lives meaning.The image explores the boundaries of human knowledge and imagination, as well as our natural curiosity and desire to discover the unknown, what is beyond reach…

Series Limits
Year completed 2023
Autor Magdalena Nowatkowska
Technique Acrylic on cotton canvas

54 x 104 x 4 cm / 21.3 x 40.9 x 1.6 (framed)

50 x 100 x 2 cm / 19.7 x 39.4 x 0.8 (without frame)

Inventory G061
Availability available