“Breath” is a minimalist tale about the need to pause, to take a break, to find balance. The framed, characteristic figure typical for the series gives the illusion of an abstract landscape.


The calm, pastel colors of the body, border, and background seem to blend. Blur… It's a metaphor for the unity of humans with the world. Harmony, adjustment, where the boundary is not an obstacle, but rather can be interpreted as a bridge, a connection, between humans and their surroundings.


Here, there is tranquility and unhurriedness, and the boundary seems not to exist.

Series Limits
Year completed 2024
Autor Magdalena Nowatkowska
Technique Acrylic on cotton canvas


50 x 70 x 2 cm / 19.7 x 27.5 x 0.9 (without frame)

Inventory G089
Availability available