Girl Head Down II

“Girl Head Down II” is a work that explores the boundaries of perception. The piece is characterized by a calm, pastel color scheme, where various shades of pink and beige harmoniously coexist, creating a background for the outlined figure.


In the central part of the composition, there is a form, a highly simplified profile of a face, with a dark oval symbolizing an eye. Is the figure leaning over someone? Something? Protecting someone? A white line outlines this form, giving it clarity and distinctness, while also separating it from the background. This line can be interpreted as a symbolic boundary between the inner and outer world of the figure.


This painting may encourage viewers to reflect on their own boundaries. It may also remind of flexibility and the ability to adapt.

Series Limits
Year completed 2023
Autor Magdalena Nowatkowska
Technique Acrylic on cotton canvas

104 x 84 x 4 cm / 40.9 x 33.1 x 1.6 (framed)

100 x 80 x 2 cm / 39.4 x 31.5 x 0.8 (without frame)

Inventory G049
Availability in private collection