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Magdalena Nowatkowska

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Magdalena Nowatkowska - Series: Borders

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Magdalena nowatkowska

Magdalena Nowatkowska, born in 1982, holds a Master of Arts degree and is a graduate of the Institute of Design in Koszalin. She is a talented illustrator, graphic designer, interior designer, and fashion accessories designer with many years of experience. In addition, she has been a painter for over 10 years and has around 20 paintings in private collections in Poland and abroad.

Since September 2022, she has been working full-time and is focused on exploring complex existential topics through simple, clean, and economical non-literal forms. Her work is the result of years of experimentation and observation of the world, aimed at simplifying what is already complicated. Currently, she is working on four art cycles.


The first cycle, started during the pandemic, is entitled 'Distance' and explores themes of emotions, loss, mutual relations, energy, fear, and incomprehensible, strange, slightly incoherent messages, and their influence on human behavior. It is a series about people and their behaviors, depicted through simple geometric forms. The cycle also examines interpersonal vibrations in various contexts and spaces.

"The picture depicts the complementing, separating, permeating, and blurring of certain spaces between the world of peace and the world of total chaos."


In the latest series "The Limits" show analyzes and examines the sense and lack of sense of existence. The series is a response to the surrounding phenomena, emerging precisely in the wake of disturbing reports about war. It tells the story of what the characters see, feel, and observe and explores the correlation between women and men, their unique strengths, and what triggers times of anxiety and uncertainty. The show also delves into how much people can handle and shows that it is often more than they initially thought.

"It’s an emotional series"
  • About overcoming obstacles.
  • About opportunities and lack of them.
  • About what you can, what you need, what should be…
  • About strength.
  • About power and powerlessness.
  • About closeness.
  • About relationships.
  • About helplessness.
  • About the limits.
  • About the meaning and senselessness of their existence.
  • About people.
  • Just like that.


The current cycle marks a smooth transition from the "THE LIMITS" series towards simplified geometric forms and compositions. The cycle explores the maximum potential of minimalism and serves as a commentary on what has already been. The minimalist approach allows for a clear, unobstructed view of the shapes, lines, and colors in each composition, inviting the viewer to engage with the work and find their own meaning.

Through this exploration of form and composition, the cycle seeks to uncover new possibilities within the constraints of minimalism. By simplifying the visuals, the cycle highlights the beauty of simplicity and aims to convey a sense of calm and balance. This minimalist approach allows for a greater focus on the core elements of each composition, emphasizing the power of shape, line, and color to evoke emotion and create meaning.

Overall, the cycle represents a departure from the more representational work of the previous series and a move towards a more abstract, formal exploration of the visual elements of art.

Magdalena Nowatkowska / Bez tytułu / No title / Series: NONDIMENTIONAL - GEOMETRIC COMPOSITIONS
B001: Bez tytułu / No title


They are fragments of life taken in, not created by the artist, but already cropped by him.

In the "Borrowed Images" series, the artist takes us on a journey of pure abstractions, capturing records from the street, a walk, a movie, a concert, a trip, and more. The author captures snippets of reality that are not his own creations. He discovers them by chance, takes notes, sketches, and remembers them from everyday life.

These moments are like narrow frames from the broad perspective of life. They break out of the artist's studio because, paradoxically, it is outside of it that the most inspiration comes. The artist presents interesting juxtapositions of random exposures, small elements, and larger objects that may seem insignificant at first glance. They are pointless and without specific functions, just adjacent creations in public space. However, it is these moments that stop the artist, inspire him. He "borrows" them and immortalizes them so that what has delighted him from afar is brought closer.

In the "Borrowed Images" series, the artist follows the magic of fleeting moments, which are the true essence of life. He discovers beauty and meaning in what often goes unnoticed. These paintings are a nod to chance, inspiration, and unexpected beauty found in the least expected places, moments, and circumstances. It is the beauty accessible to all, the beauty of public space. It is an attempt to appreciate the uniqueness of everyday life, which sometimes escapes our attention. And yet, it is enough to stop for a moment and look, and almost certainly notice.

Magdalena Nowatkowska - Series: Borders

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Terracotta painting - Magdalena Nowatkowska

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