Obrazy zapożyczone


These are adopted fragments of life. Not created by the artist. But already framed by him. In the “Borrowed Images” series, the artist takes us on a journey of pure abstractions, records from the street, a walk, a cinema, a concert, a journey (…) The author immortalizes fragments of reality that are not his own creations. He discovers them – by accident, notes them down, sketches them, remembers them from everyday life (…)


It's like narrow frames from a broad perspective of life. Moments that escape from the artist's studio, because paradoxically, it is outside of it that most inspiration flows. Interesting combinations of random exposures, small elements and larger objects that seem insignificant at first glance. Pointless and without specific functions, just adjacent to each other in public space. However, it is these moments that stop the artist and inspire him. He “borrows” them and immortalizes them to bring closer what delighted far away (…)


In the “Borrowed Images” series, the artist follows the magic of fleeting moments that constitute the true essence of life. He discovers beauty and meaning in what often goes unnoticed. These paintings are a nod to chance, inspiration and unexpected beauty that can be found in the least expected places, moments and circumstances. Beauty accessible to everyone, beauty of public space. It is an attempt to appreciate the uniqueness of everyday life, which sometimes escapes our attention. But all you have to do is stop for a moment and look. And then almost certainly, you will notice it.

Available within the series: